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  • A Sweet Spot in Shipping Costs?

    shipping-sweet-spotOuch! Shipping is how much? We hear it all the time, and say it ourselves just as much. Shipping cost just keep rising, while FedEx and UPS both are showing profits that will make your jaw hit the floor in total disbelief! Regardless of the pinch they put consumers in, there are no signs of the increases letting up. So what is the solution? How can we make the most of our shipping dollars?

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  • Consistent Service = Consistent Profits

    In the past, we have discussed the factors that separate the ‘average salons’ from the ‘high performance salons’ – including effective session and package pricing, cross promoting equipment levels, evaluating customer spending patterns, etc. Of equal importance is the practice of consistently providing your customers with the highest levels of service, satisfaction and salon experience on each and every visit.

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  • Customers Unite In Giving Back To The Community

    Don and Stacy Olevnik, owners of six darkTan Tanning Salons in the New York area love animals and have always supported their local shelters. They decided to share their passion for pets by enlisting the support of others in the community with a three-day fund-raising event that was held, February 25-27, 2016. During the event, darkTan salons featured special promotions in-return for customer donations consisting of pet food and treats, pet toys, blankets and warm beds in addition to paper and cleaning supplies that were donated to local animal shelters where darkTan salons are located.

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  • Lessons from the Magic Kingdom

    Walt Disney was truly one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs. Starting with nothing more than a rudimentary drawing of a playful mouse, he created an entertainment empire that now spans the globe, generates billions of dollars in revenue and attracts millions of people every year. But like all great visionaries, Disney had his detractors and naysayers. And he would face an ever changing obstacle course filled with difficult challenges on his road to success.

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