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  • March Marketing Opportunities

    When it comes to marketing opportunities March truly is March Madness! From students to sports fans to homemakers, March offers up tons of events and themes to target any demographic. And we haven’t mentioned Spring yet! March has a little something for everyone. So just take your pick. But don’t forget to call your FS Account Manager if you have any questions!

    March Themes:

    • Mardi Gras
    • Spring Training
    • Luck of the Irish
    • Patty’s Day
    • Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow
    • March Madness
    • Spring Break
    • Green & Gold
    • Spring
    • Spring Cleaning

    March Product Spotlight Suggestions:

    • Anything with beach or shores in its name.
    • New Sunshine – Sol Desire, SPF, Soothing Aloe, Aloe Freeze, Bontanical Collection, Love Boho Tan Extender, Worship Worthy, 14 Karat Gold Rush, Tekton Step 1
    • Devoted Creations – DC Glow, Bikini Body, Tropidelic, HIM Gold Edition, Luxury Lover, Carribean Cool
    • Sun Evolutions – Heart of Glow, #LoveSunny, SunSetz, Tropicz, Ocean Waterz, Seas Collection
    • Tan Inc – Black Agave, Black Hawaiian Honey, Bikini Black, Hula Hottie

    March is Music in Our Schools Month:

    Most small businesses are very connected with the community. Partner with a local school music program and let your clients donate through purchases made in the salon the whole month of March.

    Showcase videos or pics of clients performing music, with a special shout out to music teachers. Be sure to post all of this on your social media outlets.

    March is Color Therapy Month:

    Run a special with a different colored theme each week. For example, run all pink bottles, then all blue bottles, etc. Play color trivia with your guests for a chance to win free upgrades as they come in the salon. If you are on Twitter, tweet a question and let the first 5 people with the right answer win. If you were changing colors in your rooms, let your clients vote on their favorite (both in-house and on social media). Get your staff involved and wear the same color salon shirts for all the week and then alternate. Don’t forget to post all your pics on Instagram. The monotone colors will make a great Instagram layout!

    March is National Women’s History Month:

    Post trivia or ‘Did-You-Know?’ segments throughout the month of March on women’s history. Showcase some of your female entrepreneurs that are also clients. Design promos and specials around this theme in your salon all month long.

    National Cheerleading Week – First full week in March:

    This could be HUGE for those in and around colleges or high schools. Promote sunless products heavily! Be sure to get pics for all the social media outlets. To increase retail, put together some sunless kits with a lip gloss, bronzer, and tan extender for your cheerleaders only. You can get your staff involved too by hosting Spirit Week in your salon.

    Employee Appreciation Day – March 1st – Host a party for your employees on each shift. Bring in some food, add balloons or streamers. Showcase each employee and their time with your business, bonus, add in their favorite service, piece of equipment and products.  Do some sales contests during the day as well.

    I Want You to Be Happy Day – March 3rd – Have fun with this one. Come up with several different options for packages. Set a price for each package but let the customer customize so “they are happy” with their choice. Let them pick one tanning unit or package, one tanning lotion, one sunless, one leg or face product, one moisturizer and/or one sunless service for a set fee.

    Mardi Gras – March – 5th  - We can’t all be in New Orleans so bring Mardi Gras to your clients. Run promos just for this day or the week. Use fun décor to spruce up the salon.  Post trivia about Mardi Gras on your social media page and let participants win something or just do it because. Be sure to get your clients that are in New Orleans to post “clean” pics to your salon page with their bronze glow.

     Lips Appreciation Day – March 16thRun a promo on all-things lips. Pass out some lip gifts to your staff and maybe pay them a spiff on each one sold. Do a pre-sale education on lips during tanning and why it is important to use a lip balm. To go one step more, have facial bronzers as an additional focus.

    Fragrance Day – March 21stDo a test on 3 products you were considering as additions in the salon by scent. Have the labels hidden and let clients vote on their favorite scent when they come in. This is a good time to cover why your staff shouldn’t offer an opinion on fragrances because it is so personal. Ask on social media what your client’s favorite perfumes and/or UV tanning lotions scents are. Get staff involved and let them run specials on their faves.

    Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – March 26thSalons could make up a holiday in honor of their self. Give it a creative name, run specials on packages, and upgrades. Have a drawing for random prizes. If you are active on Twitter, you can tweet hourly for random specials you run for 60 minutes only.

    Looking Ahead:

    • Weddings
    • Easter
    • Graduations
    • Proms
    • Banquets
    • Look at bringing in items to provide sustained sales throughout the year
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