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  • Inspector's Check List

    inspectionMike DePuew, owner of Beach ‘N Tans in Mocksville, NC, has owned tanning salons for 21 years and has taught certification classes to tanning salons in North Carolina.

    “I spend a lot of time helping salons get ready for inspections.  They are always surprised what inspectors find important.

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  • Love Your Skin

    46420098_1042258125954955_6526873924976771072_nYou should always educate your clients about the importance of skincare, but it is even more crucial during the winter months. Dry skin blocks UV rays in the sunbed and absorbs too much DHA from your sunless spray tan. Winter can be harsh on your hair, but even more harsh on your skin. Cold and dry weather only adds to the problem.

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  • Plan an Eyewear Awareness Event


    Image may contain: 2 peopleYou might want to consider how an Eyewear Awareness Event could increase your eyewear sales!  Create a box of filthy old goggles covered with lotion and dirt, missing lenses and chewed up.  Show our customers the old eyewear and tell them they can trade in their eyewear and get 25% discount buying a new pair of goggles or 25% off of their own disposables.  Not only does almost everyone buy a new pair of eyewear, but you cut down their chance of eye infections by getting them into fresh eyewear.  Another great idea is to give everyone a complimentary small ziplock bag to keep their goggles clean. You can even rubber band them onto their lotion bottle.

    To prep for your event...

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  • 100% Percent Pure Oil

    100% Percent Pure Oil

    Consumers are becoming more aware of the ingredients in their products. Up-selling a service or product can be super easy when you can spew off the very few materials that are actually in the product. We gathered a few examples of a 100% pure oil you can use and how easy it can be to use them!

    These oils are made up of extracts you have probably heard of, but we got real specific in hopes to inspire you. The brand is Amir, a rich exotic hair care product line that are filled with essential vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants to nourish the hair.

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