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Defeat Your Fear of Retailing:  Fitness Clubs

fitness_crossfit_weight_463610First and foremost, you have to understand that retailing is something you are already doing.  You are selling a new membership, signing members up for a new class, and negotiating to get the newest equipment in the club. These examples expand beyond the club’s doors into everyday life.  Everyone wants something (and are willing to buy)—improve the relationship with your members by defeating your fear of retailing in your club.

  1. Identify your fear: Why are you hesitant to retail in your club?  You are the professional and you should be excited about all of the services and products you offer!  It’s your job to share this excitement with your members to enhance their overall experience.  The interaction with your members and information you provide them is vital to your success as this creates a stronger relationship with your members.  Changing your perspective from ‘selling’ to members to ‘sharing’ information with members may help, too!
  2. Address your fear: Confidence sells.  Are you confident in your knowledge of the products you offer?  Do you have knowledge of the possible products that can be incorporated into your club?  We offer a Resource Center where you have access to in-club signage, fact sheets on products, and your Account Manager will gladly assist with any questions you might have.  Knowledge increases confidence and will help you reach your desired goals.
  3. Invest in core products: Make the step to incorporate core products into your club.  Be different—offer products that will benefit them & their visit to you!  If they are tanning, have eyewear and a variety of lotions available for them to choose from.  They are going to buy these items from somewhere—make sure they can buy them from you.
  4. Record successes: Set weekly/monthly goals and keep track of the products sold.  Have contests for the staff to see who can ‘share’ the most information about a product that results in a sale!  Make sure to record these sales and most importantly, reward your staff and yourself!
  5. Be optimistic! If the sale didn’t go through, don’t take it personal!  Remain positive and continue sharing the wealth of information you have with your members.  Your positive attitude will make a huge difference!  
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