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How to Keep that Summer Glow During the Winter Months

woman-blows-snow-from-gloves_largeAs winter quickly approaches, we thought you might like some tips for keeping that summer glow during the cold months. Tips like this are a great little gift (and added value) to pass onto your salon customers. With a little creativity, these tips could also be turned into an in-store display and promotion. Check out the FS Newsletter (November 22, 2019) for products perfect for this idea!

  1. Though this may seem counterproductive to keeping that tan around for a while, actually gentle exfoliation helps your skin to generate its own oils and stay hydrated. As well, when you are ready to head in for another UV session or get a sunless spray tan, exfoliation is always the first step in preparing your skin.
  2. You may have been in the tanning industry so long that this seems obvious, but it is worth mentioning to your customers that moisturizing is super important. Dry skin causes those Patchy, uneven, untanned areas on the body. Moisture is key to keeping that glow!
  3. Drink Plenty of Water. Moisturizing your skin isn’t achieved only from the outside. You can moisturize your skin from the inside as well. The classic rule of eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day is a great place to start.
  4. Eat Fruits and Vegetables with Carotene. Another way to encourage a healthy glow from the inside is to eat fruits and vegetables that contain the antioxidant, carotene. Increasing your diet with carotene will produce a warm glow to your skin tone. Seriously! Some foods that contain carotene are carrots, spinach, kale, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.
  5. Chill Out with the Hot Showers. Yes, that hot shower feels amazing – especially after a long, hard workout. However, hot showers are the fastest way to dehydrate the top layer of skin and can even cause peeling.
  6. Check Product Labels. Products that contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid can chemically remove your tanned skin cells. So be sure to use products that are tan friendly. Check those labels!

So now you can surely see that with a little knowledge and attention, it is possible to keep that gorgeous summer glow during the winter months. Feel free to pass these tips onto your customers!

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