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It’s Holiday Time: Make a List, Check it Twice


Novembeweb3-christmas-shopping-list-to-do-stocksyr and December can be super profitable for your salon. Plan, Plan, Plan! It is extremely beneficial to take the time to make a marketing plan and schedule for the next few weeks. Make note of planned promotions and sales, marketing for these promotions, what product is needed, when to order the product, when to advertise and where, and how to promote and display inside your salon.

Be sure that all of your promotions and holiday sales are promoted across all platforms of social media as well as sent out in your text message programs.

Also, don’t forget the salon décor. Décor is everything! If you’re in an idea rut, check out the FS Pinterest board for easy DIY salon décor and display ideas. We are constantly adding new inspirations so, check it out and be inspired!

**One more IMPORTANT thing: Ask your Account Manager for relevant ads and flyers for any of your upcoming promotions. FS has lots of marketing materials for salons to use. They are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest-sized. They can be emailed too. We also have some fun memes for sunless and UV salons, both.


Upcoming and Current Themes:

  • It’s Fall Y’all
  • All Things Leaves & Pumpkins
  • Football
  • Hunting
  • Pink Wednesday/Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas and the Holiday Season



  • Limited Time Offers – Now is the time of year, where you might be thinking about your new 2020 SKUs. Do limited time offers on your new introductory products or to help move out older items, pair them together with bundles of both services and personal care items.
  • Gift Giving Wish List –start planning your gift giving wish list now. Have clients let you text or email their significant other, parents, grandparents or whoever, have them select services or products they want for presents. Think of it as a registry for Christmas – similar to those for weddings or baby showers.

Marketing Ideas:

  • Seasonal Scents: Play around with seasonal scents, especially if you offer spa type services. It is scientifically proven that scents can alter moods.
    • These fragrances are associated with a time of joyfulness and family:  Apple Cider, Brown Sugar, Candy Cane, Cinnamon, Cranberry, Peppermint, Pumpkin, Mint, Hot Chocolate and Evergreen are some examples.


  • Open Houses: Host an open house in November. Have the salon decorated for Christmas, put out some refreshments and offer great specials on all services in the salon. Offer free samples of some services if you have enough staff and if it is cost effective for you. Partner with the local Chamber of Commerce to get on the list of businesses hosting Open Houses.
  • Black Friday/Pink Wednesday: Lots of salons close down this weekend, but FS encourages you to stay open. The percent of annual retail sales can be as high as 30% during the holidays. Another option is to join in with salons that are participating in Pink Wednesday instead of Black Friday. With more and more salons diversifying their offerings, this is an easy time to get a piece of that pie. You can even do both. You could host early specials on Pink Wednesday to get them in the shopping mood and tease about what great deals you will have on Black Friday. Be sure you showcase items for all consumers, not just the UV tanners. Ask your Account Manager for our extensive listing of products great for gifts.
  • Small Business Saturday: The Saturday after Black Friday is gaining more and more traction each year as Small Business Saturday. Offer different specials from Black Friday and blast your ads all over social media. Be sure to use the appropriate hashtags for this event. Use sidewalk chalk if you are in an area where you can and put things like “30 steps to amazing deals”.
  • VIP Client Preview Party: Host a VIP party for your largest clients prior to Black Friday. Have refreshments, specials on certain products, gift cards and make sure to have enough in case they buy a lot!
  • 3rd Week in November: Game and Puzzle Week – play fun games with clients in the salon for prizes. ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘Balloon Pop’, ‘Guess How Many’, are all good games to include. On social media, you can post a ‘Spot the Differences’ photo for a winner.



  • Have a “Create Your Own Basket” available for clients to create their own gift baskets.
  • Set up and promote via social media a relaxing environment for shoppers to take a break from all their holiday shopping.
  • Have holiday color wrapping paper and gift bags available.
  • Offer a grocery card for a fun contest or social media giveaway. People will love it to help with Thanksgiving food.


Social Media Extras:

  • Ask clients their favorite Thanksgiving dish or dessert recipe.
  • Ask your clients how far they are traveling during the holidays, winner gets a prize pack.
  • Post a collage of your salon’s seasonal decorating as the process happens.

We have so much more to add to our Holiday Marketing blog – so check back soon for more ideas and tips for December.

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