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Demographic Research / Customer Base Profiling – Free to Four Seasons' Customers

Since 1979, when the first tanning salons opened their doors and the first health clubs began to feature tanning equipment, it has been consistently demonstrated that, of the people who tan, 70% are Caucasian females.  And of this group, the overwhelming majority is between the ages of 18-49. 

Logically, if you are opening a tanning salon or expanding an existing business, you would choose a location that is centrally located and in close proximity to this demographic group.  Furthermore, when you are developing your advertising and marketing strategies you would select target-rich areas in which to direct your efforts and resources. 

While this seems easy enough to understand, digging deeper into the data will help ensure that the location you select offers the greatest potential for success.

For every tanning system you plan to feature in your business, you need a number of qualified customers to financially support the business model.  Demographic Research of your target market will help determine the most potentially lucrative areas in which to open your business and then effectively market your services. 

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