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Norvell Pre-Sunless XLaTan

Norvell Pre-Sunless XLaTan

Item#: 99316
| Size: 8 oz. |

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Norvell’s pH-balancing xLaTan pre-sunless spray works instantly on the skin to boost amino acid levels and maximize sunless color results. •Time Release Micro Capsules bind moisture within the skin, for 24hr hydration. Unique Dermal Barrier locks in DHA. Advanced DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor. Boosts Amino Acid Levels, which work directly with the active sunless ingredient, DHA, to produce maximum color results. pH Balancing Skin Primer balances out skin surface prior to tanning to minimize orange look for that natural just off the beach color. Hydrates skin for even and maximum absorption of sunless solution. Fragrance: Oxygen

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