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AquaFrixio®: The Next Generation in Massage Therapy

Aqua Frixio® Hydro-powered, Full Body Massage & Wellness System

Aqua Frixio combines the therapeutic benefits of a hands-on, professionally trained and experienced masseuse with the advanced technology of touch-screen control and multi-function programmability.

Instantly, your customers can enjoy soothing, penetrating, deep tissue massage with Aqua Frixio – the Hydro-powered, Full Body Massage and Wellness System -- from Four Seasons.

For centuries, people have used massage to help relieve stress, tension and body aches associated with daily activity and overexertion. Now your business can profit from the amazing Aqua Frixio!
Aqua Frixio

Aqua Frixio: Owner, Operator Benefits

  • Touch Screen Operation. Easy to use.
  • T-Max Ready for Front Desk Timing and Control
  • 110V, 20Amp Operation – Plugs Into Standard 3-Prong Outlet
  • Fast, Easy Setup and Session Maintenance
  • Pre-Programmed iPad™ Control with Software included
  • Customizable and Targeted Massage Zones

Aqua Frixio: Therapeutic Massage Benefits*

  • Stress & Muscle Tension Relief
  • Relieves Soreness, Stiffness, Body Aches
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Increases Circulation
  • Improves Muscle Tone & Flexibility

Aqua Frixio: Technology Highlights

  • Self-Contained, Sealed, 35 Gallon Reservoir System
  • Distilled Water. No Chemicals – No Additives Needed
  • Water-thru-Air Pressure System {Superior to water / water}
  • Stationary, Multi-Zone, Hydro-Powered Delivery System (Eliminates moving parts and ensures balanced, irritation-free massage}
  • Thermostat Controlled Temperature – Always Ready!

Aqua Frixio: Business Development

  • Universal Profit Center – Appeals to Customer of All Demographics
  • Efficient 15-Minute Session Time
  • Customers Use Unassisted – Frees Staff.
  • Easy to Clean, Fast Customer Turnover
  • Customers Use Fully Clothed. Can Be Used in Common Area or Private Room
  • Electrical Cost Per Session: Approximately 15¢*
  • Add to Existing Memberships, Cross Promote with Other Services and/ or Stand Alone Membership
  • Proven Sales & Marketing Support Programs Available
Aqua Frixio: Technical Data
  • Dimensions (LxWxH in inches): 86 x 37 x 25
  • Recommended room size (in feet): 8 x 7
  • Weight Capacity (in lbs.): 400
  • 110V, 20Amp Operation – Plugs Into Standard 3-Prong Outlet

Financing is available to qualified customers.**

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