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Cosmolux VLR 9K90 FR71 100w bi-pin

Cosmolux VLR 9K90 FR71 100w bi-pin

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The CosmoLux 9K90 family of lamps was created with the objective of producing never-before-attained UVA and with UV maintenance of +90% at 100 hours. The revolutionary 9K90 technology is produced using a precise blend of four phosphors - a blend never before used in any lamp product, covered by US Patent numbers 7,122,952 and 6,984,931 - producing a spectrum unlike that of any other low pressure sunlamp. Peak power has been ‘shifted to the right’ and is found at +/- 365 nm - a spectral power distribution that mirrors filtered high pressure lamps. CosmoLux 9K90 lamps provide all the benefits of high pressure tanning in a low pressure format.

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