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Proven Marketing & Advertising Strategies – Free to Four Seasons' Customers!

Working closely with thousands of salon owners every week provides Four Seasons with a unique view of the business of indoor tanning.  Our reps frequently engage customers in open discussions – sharing effective sales and marketing techniques - gleaned from many years of hands-on experience. 

This is further evidenced by the popular panel discussions featured during the Four Seasons Expos which are held each year throughout the country. Often considered the highlight of the show, these discussions feature industry experts including successful salon owners and equipment, lotion and lamp manufacturers. 

Panelists openly answer questions from the salon-owner based audience on industry related subjects including: 

  • How to attract new customers
  • How to begin an EFT / Membership Program
  • How to keep existing customers happy and loyal
  • How to increase lotion sales
  • How to handle the seasonality of the business
  • How to effectively add sunless tanning to the business
  • How to effectively use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to stimulate sales 

Four Seasons has compiled the most effective ideas and strategies generated from these discussions into a concise presentation that you can view on your computer.  It will provide you with many no-cost and low-cost ideas that you can use immediately to start increasing sales. 

We will email this presentation to you – just write to us at or call 1.800.325.2769.