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Salon Statistics: The Average Salon Compared to the High-Performance Salon - A Free Report for Four Seasons' Customers

Whether you have one commercial tanning system in a spare room in your beauty salon or operate a chain of mega-salons, we all share a common goal to achieve personal and financial success. 

You can increase your potential for success by understanding the differences and similarities between the financial performance of average salons and what we term as the industry’s high-performance salons. 

Four Seasons has prepared a side-by-side comparison of the two business models – providing a detailed examination and explanation of how high-performance, real world financial results are achieved. 

Your free report compares the following vital statistics: 

  • Revenue Generated per Tanning System per Year
  • Revenue Generated per Customer per Year
  • % of Revenue Generated from Lotions Sales
  • % of Revenue Generated from Sunless
  • Customer Base Required to per Tanning System
  • Fixed Overhead Costs 

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