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Sheer Sunless Illuminate: A New Era of Sunless Spray Tanning!

Sunless tanning is considered to be the fastest growing market in the tanning industry. That is why Sheer Sunless created the Illuminate to offer salon owners an economically priced spray booth alternative. It adds a new dimension in salon services and creates new revenue streams in service and retail.

Why the Illuminate?:

  • Quick and easy setup and designed for headache free installation
  • Built for reliability and easy maintenance
  • Operates on Standard 100 wall outlet; no plumbing required
  • Small foot-print, only 5' x 5' room is required
  • Patent-pending technology for a quieter experience
  • Offers a private, non-claustrophobic and comfortable experience compared to handheld spray sessions
  • Less than one-half the cost of the lowest priced competing autobooth
  • Two-year warranty

Sheer Sunless Illuminate

Illuminate Sunless Kit:

Illuminate Spray Booth
SunStyle Barrier Cream 32 oz.
SunStyle pH Balancing Spray 32 oz.
Disposible Hairnets 100 Each
Sticky Feet 15 Pair

Customize Sessions:

Salon Owners have the option to customize each sunless session experience with solutions that prep and moisturize the skin and create a level of color intensity for each spray session, individually.

Light for a subtle glow
Bronze for just off the beach color
Double Dark for more intense color
Violet for extreme color
1-Hour Express for fast results 

Revenue Projections:

Two Sessions Per Day
Annual Profit: $12,000.00*
Pays for itself: Approximately 9 months*

Five Sessions Per Day
Annual Profit: $29,000.00*
Pays for itself: Approximately 4 months*

Ten Sessions Per Day
Annual Profit: $59,000.00*
Pays for itself: Approximately 2 months*
*Based on retail of $25 per session

For more information on the Sheer Sunless Illuminate, contact a Four Seasons Product Manager today at 1.800.325.2769, or write to

**Financing is available to qualified customers. Subject to credit approval and qualifications. Not to be considered a guarantee of income, revenue, market conditions or merchantability. Actual payments may vary depending upon credit history, etc. Not to be considered an offer to extend credit.