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Sun Select 1400

Sun Select 1400

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The Ergoline Sun Select 1400 gives your customers a choice in the way they tan. Tanners first select their skin tone and then choose the desired strength of their tanning session. Once selected, this sunbed’s impressive tanning technology takes over. Customers also have an array of luxurious comfort features from which to choose. VIP customers utilizing the, Personal Comfort NFC Customer Card will be welcomed by name and also have their preferred settings in place when they tan. Salon owners can also pre-define the Sun Select’s default settings. The Temptronic Plus climate control system regulates the temperature whether warm or cool while acrylic panels at the head and foot ends of the sunbed perform two tasks; they help achieve the desired temperature quickly and maintain it throughout the session and they also help shield against external noise. The sunbed’s 3D- Sound system with subwoofer and MP3 player docking station, refreshing Aqua Mist & Aroma function and innovative cockpit control with Voice Guide all make this unit a real tanning sensation. Equally impressive to its tanning technology and luxury is the Sun Select’s angular design and LED Light Show. The LED lights, with their dynamic color schemes, can be set to match any salon décor or even seasonal colors.

Dramatic lines and eye-catching illumination define the breathtaking appearance of the Sun Select 1400
Decor Color: Carbon Grey
LED Light Show with over 1400 long-lasting high performance LEDs with 200 colors and animations
Illuminated Ergoline Logo in the Canopy

Aqua Mist makes any tanning session a refreshing experience. Superfine mist is can be activated separately for the facial and body area. As a salon owner you can set the impulse volume to your preferences – e.g. a stronger mist on hot summer days and less during a cold winter.

The Aroma feature ensures tanning indulgence for all senses. Enjoy pleasantly fragranced air in the tanning room and tunnel for ultimate relaxation and a sense of luxury. As an added bonus, the Aroma feature neutralizes the typical post tanning UV scent.

A whole new dimension of music and entertainment in tanning awaits you. Two speakers and a separate subwoofer are integrated in the brilliant white high gloss housing guaranteeing the perfect surround sound. Connect a smartphone or MP3 player with the audio cable or use the bed’s SD card. A detail your clients will appreciate is the “Auto Volume” feature. It automatically adjusts the volume depending on the surrounding noise level. The perfect tanning session is only complete with great music. Make sure you treat your customers to the best experience with the 3D sound system by Ergoline!

The industry's most high end climate control system with an enclosed tanning tunnel. With Temptronic Plus you can select your preferred temperature and it will be kept constant throughout your entire session. Both the airflow in the tanning tunnel as well as the base acrylic will be efficiently cooled. Thanks to the enclosed tanning tunnel, that reaches the selected temperature even more quickly and keeps outside noise to a minimum.

An Ergoline premier, the exterior Control Center makes tanning bed operation easier than ever. Navigation is a breeze with the large icons in the canopy display. Especially for tanners who are new to the unit, the exterior Control Center offers a convenient option to select their settings while being assisted by salon staff.

The NFC Connect feature can be used in a number of ways to transfer data to and from the tanning bed. Bring a whole new level of VIP service to your customers with their own NFC customer card.

Located on the exterior Control Center, the Sun Select menu give tanners a choice in the way they tan by slecting their skin type and comibine it with the desired intensity of their tanning session.

Voice Guide supports your tanners in selecting and adjusting the comfort settings. Now they can literally operate the bed with their eyes closed! Of course Voice Guide can be deactivated at any time.

The Professional Set-Up Manager makes it super easy to adjust your tanning beds exactly to your salon’s needs. You can preset the default settings for various features like the LED light show, AC temperatures, fan speed and music volume, just to name a few. Save all or a selection of your customized settings to your NFC Set-up card and transfer them to your other Ergoline beds equipped with NFC. Managing your salon equipment has never been easier with the addition of the Professional Set Up Manager and NFC Connect from Ergoline.

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.
Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.
Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.
Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

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