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Sunrise 480

Sunrise 480

Item#: RISE480
The Ergoline Sunrise 480 is the epitome of stand-up tanning with impressive tanning performance and an exclusive modern design.

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The Sunrise 480's Turbo Power, 2-meter tall, 200-watt tanning lamps provide a deep all-over tan that is achieved in a quick tanning session. For music enjoyment, Stereo Sound is available. Also available is a 3D-Sound system with MP3 dock-in and SD card slot. This allows clients to listen to their own mix of music through this acoustically incredible system. And your customers will easily be able to hear music while maintaining a comfortable body temperature thanks to the Sunrise series Silent Cooling system. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet.

Chassis color: Slate Grey
Shell color: Solar White
Mood lighting and available ambient lighting

Extra Long 2-Meter Tall, 220-Watt Tanning Lamps
Silent Cooling Ventilation System
Simple-To-Use Control Panel
Available 3D-sound with MP3 Dock-In and SD card slot

1-system body ventilation, variable

Control panel with 4-Field LED display
With Optional 3D-sound system: voice-assisted service and diagnostic support
Check control for diagnosing main alert messages
Automatic reset function after tanning session

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for use on persons under the age of 18 years.
Contraindication: This product must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present.
Warning: This product should not be used on individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.
Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed to UV radiation should be regularly evaluated for skin cancer.

9 Minute maximum exposure schedule
Total UV Output in kj/min: 87.7
48 Turbo Power 200-watt UV Lamps
Lamp Length: 2 Meters
Total power consumption (in watts): 11,500
Electrical requirements: 230V 3Ø or 230V 1Ø
Circuit breaker recommended: 40A / 3-pole 3¿ or 70A / 2-pole 1Ø
Number of wires required: 4 3Ø or 3 1Ø
Weight (in lbs): 810
Dimensions closed (WxDxH in inches): 55 x 55 x 93
Dimensions open (WxDxH in inches): 73 x 55 x 93
Dimensions of tanning space (in inches): 34 x 34
Recommended room size (LxW in feet): 7 x 8
Minimum ceiling height (in feet): 9

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