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Kicking Off Busy Season


For most salons, March kicks-off busy season. For this reason, it’s best not to offer heavy discounts this month but instead focus on marketing that brings in new customers and keeps current customers committed. Below are some ideas for attaining and retaining clients.

  • Customer Referrals:  The easiest advertisement is by word of mouth.  Reward current customers for bringing new business to you.  Make ‘Refer-a-Friend’ cards and hand them out to every customer.  Offer current customers a $5 or $10 in-store credit for every new customer they refer.
  • FREE WEEK for New Customers:  The key to this strategy is to win these customers over and keep them coming back.  Offer a free 7 consecutive days in a level one bed to new customers.  Make sure staff is thoroughly searching your database to make sure these customers are actually new.  When these customers come in, make sure you are wowing them with your customer service & give them a salon tour.  Remember, this is your first impression.  Try to upgrade them or get a commitment out of them.  Example:  upgrade to the next level for 7 days for $15, get 10% off a membership, waive their membership signup fee, get them a bottle of lotion—turn the free week into a sale
  • Best Friend Friday:  Offer current members the opportunity to bring a non-member friend in on Fridays to tan for FREE! The non-member friend will get to tan in a level one bed or pay to upgrade to a higher bed.  Advertise that there is no limit to this deal. Eventually, the non-member will want to sign-up and come in on their own.  It’s very hard to get color only tanning once a week & it’s also difficult to coordinate your schedule with someone else.  This makes a great social media advertisement!  Have customers tag a friend on your post & offer the customer a free upgrade or discount.
  • Tan Now / Pay Later:  Offer a package that is just too good to turn down.  Let your customers tan until the end of the month for FREE! with a 3-month commitment.  This requires an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) program, which is very common. In fact, EFT programs are a staple for the most successful salons.  When customers don’t have to pay for tanning on their first visit, they have more cash to spend on product.  This also creates an impulse-buy environment where they are likely to spend more money.  As well, by committing them for the next three months, you will keep them coming into your salon until June.  You can easily offer another incentive to keep their package going at that time, but many clients will continue the service out of convenience.

We hope this gives you and your staff some ideas to kick-off the busy season. And remember, your Four Seasons Account Manager is just a phone call away!

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