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  • 8 Basic Hair Grooming Tips Every Man Should Follow

    Attention Salons: Male Grooming is Booming!

    The tanning industry has historically marketed, promoted and targeted product sales to young women while too often ignoring the potential for sales to men. It is true that in the past, most men’s grooming products consisted only of shaving cream and shampoo. But within the last decade, that has drastically changed. Men’s bathroom cabinets are now brimming with toiletries such as facial moisturizers and cleansers, eye serums, concealers, beard oils, bronzers, hair gels and sprays, even facial masks and more! In fact, not only have men decided that they are just as concerned about feeling as attractive and youthful as women but a lot of men are spending more cash on male-specific toiletries than shaving products. Did you know that…

    • Men’s personal care market is expected to hit $166 billion by 2022. (source: Allied Market Research)
    • Male-targeted skin-care product sales jumped 7% in 2019. (source: NPD Market Research Group)

    On the whole, male grooming products are booming. But in order to reach male consumers we must let them know that we are here. The best and quickest way to do this is by utilizing social media. Be sure to create demographic-specific posts that target current and potential male clients. Post pics of your latest male-specific grooming products. Run a promotion during the upcoming holidays and create displays just for this audience. If you need more ideas, give your FS Account Manager a call. We would love to help you succeed. We not only have the products that women want but we also have the products that MEN want. We can educate them on the similarities and differences between products, and most importantly we can sell to them. Let’s get started!

  • Four Seasons "How To" Series: How to Clean & Disinfect a Tanning Bed After a Tingle User

  • Four Seasons "How To" Series: Clean It, Sanitize It, Disinfect It & What is the Difference?

  • How to Beat the Summer Blues

    While summer is the season for some industries to thrive, the tanning industry is another story. JASON (July, August, September, October, November) has officially arrived. But navigating the tanning industry’s slow season doesn’t have to get you down. We have some ideas that will keep your biz afloat and help you to Beat the Summer Blues.


    Offer Unlimited tanning for the rest of the year at a flat rate.

    For example, if you charge $40/month unlimited tanning, them you can offer an Endless Summer package for $199 or $225. Tanners can tan unlimited in any bed.

    This way, you get money, up front, while they’re still spending money on products. (We all know that August starts back-to-school shopping and then Christmas is around the corner.)

    Later in the year: You can sell these customers lotion, sunglasses, accessories, lip balm, moisturizer, etc.



    • Beach Totes
    • SPF Products
    • Flip Flops
    • Lip Care
    • Coverups & Dresses
    • SPF Products


    /// Buy any of these Get a free upgrade ///

    /// Buy any of these Get a free session ///

    /// Buy any LOTION Get $5 off any of these /// 



    /// 3 months of tanning + 1 bottle of lotion ///

    Offer your customers a value-added tanning package that’s too-good-to-ignore: 3 months unlimited tanning in any unit, -plus- tanner’s choice of one of three lotions ranging from $20-$40.



    • 2 Spray Tans
    • Beach Tote
    • Beach Towel
    • Moisturizer


    /// Only $70 /// 




    Offer up to 6 spray tans per month for $60- $75.




    Offer points on purchases of lotions, accessories, packages, moisturizer, etc. Even offer points just for coming in on certain slow days. In August and September, customers can cash-in their points. This provides a solution for those who’d rather not offer discounts!

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