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March is Truly Madness

– but this is a good thing for your salon!e52733ac8c70eb61f0b84017a856c561

When it comes to holidays and events, March is madness! (See what we did there?) Whether you want to reach students or sports fans or women or more, March offers up heaps of promotional opportunities to target both current and potential clients. And we haven’t even mentioned Spring yet! Let the madness begin!

Don’t forget, your FS Account Manager is here to help!

March Themes:

  • Spring Training
  • Patrick’s Day
  • March Madness
  • Spring Break
  • Spring
  • Renew, Revive, Growth
  • Spring Cleaning


Notable Days in March:

2: National Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss Day

6: National Employee Appreciation Day

8: International Women’s Day

11: National Promposal Day

17: St. Patrick’s Day

20: National Proposal Day

29: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

31: National Prom Day

National Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss Day – March 2nd

  • Post trivia about Dr. Seuss on social media
  • Ask your SM fans what their favorite book is.
  • Start a “story on your SM platform. You start a line, let the next fan, make up the next line and so on and so on until you determine a good ending.
  • Take up books for the library, a children’s cause, a women’s shelter; anyone that brings in a book gets a free packet or 2oz moisturizer.


National Employee Appreciation Day—March 6th/Employee Spirit Month/

International Ideas Month

 Have a staff meeting and be open to their ideas for social media or salon marketing. Try to implement as many of their ideas as you can to help give them ownership.

  • Run daily/weekly/monthly contests for the staff.
  • Write handwritten notes to each employee about why you think they are awesome.
  • Do an employee takeover on your social media. Work with each employee daily to go over what you want posted but let them add their flair to it.
  • Bring in lunch/dinner a couple of times throughout the month.


International Women’s Day/ National Women’s History Month

  • This is a great time to showcase your clients and their journeys on the path to success. Reach out and see if you can do an interview with some of your most inspiring female clients and create a social media post about those special women.
  • If you are a female business owner, tell your journey. Post your story and what made you decide to open your salon or mobile business. Give thanks to other women that helped you along the way. Remember, not only is this moth National Women’s History Month but the 29th is National Mom and Pop Business Day so your story could be relevant for both days.
  • Showcase your female staff and their successes or future dreams.


Save Your Vision Month

  • This is a great time to educate your clientele on the proper use of eyewear and if you provide the eyewear, then instead focus on your methods for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Run specials on all eyewear that you sell (sunglasses, etc.)
  • Wink-ease has tons of FREE memes and educational material for you upon request. Ask your FS Account Manager to reach out on your behalf.


St. Patrick’s Day—March 17th

  • Find the shamrock:  after employees clean the bed, have them randomly place a plastic shamrock on one of the beds; if a lucky customer finds it, give them a prize like a free upgrade, 10% off lotion or a free spray tan; have them take a picture with the shamrock for social media and make sure they are tagged in the picture
  • 17 tans for $17:  offer 17 tans for $17 from March 1st-March 17th
  • Luck of the Irish check-in:  have customers check in every time they visit the salon with the #luckoftheIrish; at the end of each week, select a winner and offer a small prize; when your customer checks-in to your salon, all of their friends will see where they have gone (giving your salon more exposure) this becomes free advertising for you--people naturally want to tan where their friends tan.
  • Create a green and white packet bouquet for $20.


Client’s Day – March 19th

  • Run a customer appreciation special for this day.
  • Create multiple packages and let the clients “create their own package”.
  • Create a photo booth area in the lobby and ask clients to let you take their photo with their favorite lotion they purchased from you. Ask them for a little blurb about it too --this will help it sell.


Twitter’s 14th Birthday – March 21st

  • Do trivia about your salon on Twitter.
  • Tweet every hour with a special, “the next person that comes in and shows me this tweet wins.”
  • Tweet ingredient info about products and tanning info.


National Mom and Pop Business Owners’ Day – March 29

  • Great time to advertise shop small and what that supports.
  • Tell the story of your dream coming true about being a salon owner.
  • You could run specials—but--on this day, I might just highlight and showcase all your services and various gifts.


Money Smart Week – March 29th - April 4th

  • Advertise your EFTs and talk about how smart it is to do.
  • Waive your EFT sign-up fee or reduce it for this week only.
  • Bundle an accelerator, bronzer, moisturizer, tan extender and advertise how it is using your money wisely to buy these in a bundle. Everything you need to get started.
  • Bundle your sunless, red light, wellness pod and other services into one great price.
  • For sunless only people, put together X number of sprays in a bundle and add some retail items.


Looking ahead:

  • Easter
  • Spring Break
  • Proms
  • Pageants
  • Blossoms/Blooms


BUSY SEASON - March is typically the kick-off of busy season for most salons.  Salons do not need to offer heavy discounts but should focus on marketing that brings in new customers/keeps customers committed till after slower months.  Below are ideas for gaining new customers, retaining customers’ commitment, etc:

  • Customer referral:  The easiest advertisement is by word of mouth.  Reward current customers for bringing in new business for you.  Make ‘refer a friend’ cards & hand them out to every customer.  Give current customers a $5 or $10 in-store credit for every new customer they refer
  • Free week for new customers:  The key to this strategy is to win these customers over and keep them coming back.  Offer a free 7 consecutive days in a level one bed to new customers.  Make sure staff is thoroughly searching your database to make sure these customers are actually new.  When these customers come in, make sure you are wowing them with your customer service & give them a salon tour.  Remember, this is your first impression.  Try to upgrade them or get a commitment out of them.  Example:  upgrade to the next level for 7 days for $15, get 10% off a membership, waive their membership signup fee, get them a bottle of lotion—turn the free week into a sale
  • Best Friend Friday:  Let your current members bring a non-member friend in on Fridays.  Let the non-member friend tan for free in a level one bed or pay to upgrade to a higher bed.  Eventually the non-member will want to sign up and come in on their own.  It’s very hard to get color only tanning once a week & it’s also difficult to coordinate your schedule with someone else.  This makes a great social media advertisement!  Have customers tag a friend on your post & offer the customer a free upgrade or discount.

Tan Now Pay Later:  Offer a package that is just too good to turn down.  Let your customers tan until the end of the month for FREE with a 3 month commitment.  This requires an EFT program, which is a staple for the most successful salons.  When customers don’t have to pay for tanning on their first visit, they can buy more product.  It also create an impulse buy environment & they are likely to spend more.  Committing them for the next 3 months will keep them coming in until June.  You can easily offer another incentive to keep their package going at that time, but many will keep it going out of convenience.

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