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  • Cheery Checklist

    It’s that time of year when we start thinking about making our list and checking it twice in preparation for the jolly ole fellow with the long, curly, white beard wearing a bright red suit. So, don’t miss out on spreading a little cheer throughout your team by planning ahead and marking your calendar with tasks that help set the pace for a resourceful and energetic holiday season.

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  • Tanning without Eyewear? You Lose your Color Vision First!

    UV light diminishes color vision very quickly. Color vision is the ability to tell the differences between all the shades of one color...discerning light blue from medium blue from turquoise. Color vision is diminished from UV exposure outdoors or tanning indoors. Why care about your color vision?

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  • How NOT to Ask to See Your Tanner's Eyewear

    Salon owners often inquire how to ask to see client's eyewear without angering clients. Let's look at what NOT to do. I was in a salon recently, and the counter person says to the young woman ahead of me, "Do you have your eyewear?" The woman answers, "Yes". And the attendant continues, "May I see it?"

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  • Just Have Fun! Create A Happy Environment Where Customers Like to Visit.

    DaffadillsCreating an environment where customers feel welcome and happy is one of the first steps at keeping them coming back through your door.

    Here are a few things to consider and can be implemented or structured for any holiday or special event.

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