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  • Rev Up Your Salon

    186308247Are your walls scuffed and faded? Would your display counters be better served as yard sale merchandise? Are you still rocking beach décor from 1980? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for a salon facelift and quite possibly an intervention. Use these tips to refresh, renew, restore and revive your salon today.

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  • Eight Beautifying Benefits of Blueberries

    blueberryBlueberries make an energizing, low calorie snack and also help increase circulation to make your skin glow.  This tiny fruit is the ultimate summer berry. Here are eight great reasons to add blueberries to your diet.

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  • Do It All With Lucasol

    CleanershelvesFor every surface in the salon there is a designated cleaning agent. Think acrylics, floors, counters, knobs, switches, tables, bathrooms etc. Multiple cleaners for multiple purposes are taking up valuable real estate in the supply closet; not to mention the time it takes to shop, order, and inventory said products.  These “must have” cleaning solutions are expensive and busy salons use large quantities in a short amount of time, only to replenish and begin again. Is there a way to stop this vicious cycle without compromising cleanliness?

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  • Change the Shape You’re In

    shadowFatten your bottom line while your clients slim theirs. Say what? Body wraps generate additional income for salons and help clientele improve their appearance by losing inches. It is a win-win year-round service offering.

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