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  • #SB2015 - Are you ready for Spring Break?

    As we say goodbye to cold weather, dreary forecasts and mounds of snow; we turn to sunny skies and sandy beaches. That’s right, Spring Break is just around the corner for thousands of college aged kids and families.

    What does that mean for salons owners? Money, money, money, money sung in the key of the O’Jay’s (yes, I had to Google it). Anyway, let’s discuss ways to get all the cash we can this Spring Break season.

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  • Love Is In The Air!

    LoveInAirLove is in the air this month and with that means lots of hearts, red & pink everywhere, oh and chocolate, definitely chocolate. What can a salon owner do to maximize the spending on this beautiful holiday? Several things you can focus on so let’s get started.

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  • Fall Sales - December

    You’ve almost made it!  You’re almost to January and your busiest time of the year!  The only thing standing between you and money is…..December.  It’s the last month of Fall, but you can still see decent sales.  Let’s assume you’ve been following our advice for the last two months (October & November) and have seen your best Fall ever.  Well here’s what we have for your salon in December:

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  • Imaginative Spark of Phenomenal Ideas!

    Sometimes trying to find the creativity deep within can be challenging when you are a salon owner, manager, or marketing person. Even the most creative people have those times, when they just need an imaginative spark. This month, our sales staff has tried to help you, the busy salon owner, save some time by offering up some phenomenal ideas. We hope you find something you can use! Please share your stories with us. Enjoy!

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