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  • Host a "Crappy Eyewear Week!"

    32233958_10156464904812884_1569241991802257408_nSummer is a great time to plan an Eyewear Event!  It is a great week to offer your salon guests the option to turn in their worn out goggles and get 40% off their next eyewear purchase. As Luella Gustafson,manager of eight Classic Tans in Iowa,  explained, “My tanners didn’t realize they need to clean and periodically replace their goggles. When we offer them a big discount during our "Crappy Eyewear Week" to get a new pair, they examine their goggles and see how filthy they really are. We have them toss it into a big fishbowl, which contains some really disgusting goggles, and they get clean, new eyewear!” 

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  • Graduation Survival

    college-graduationApril Showers have brought us May flowers… and graduations!

    You’ve completed your schooling and now you’re approaching the next phase in life. Whether you’re heading off to college or diving head-first into the real world, you have been preparing yourself to move on for the past several years. Now, however, you want to be prepared for a spectacular graduation experience!

    Pack yourself a Go-Time Bag to carry your last minute touch-up products.

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  • How Do You REALLY Clean a Tanning Bed?

    Tanning Bed Cleaner Stylist Sprayerby Brenda Fishbaugh

    To begin, please use proper hospital grade disinfectants made specifically for use on tanning beds! Anything else will cloud your acrylic and possibly harm your client’s skin.

    I’d like to cover HOW to clean your tanning bed properly.

    First, make sure you mix the solution properly.  I can’t tell you how many salons I’ve been in that just “add more” to make it better!  It doesn’t make your solution better, it makes it strong enough to hurt tanners’ skin!  It’s critical you mix to the level your disinfectant specifies on the label. 

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  • Dermasuri

    captureBy Alejandra Arias-Carvajal

    The best way to make sure you get the perfect tan is by exfoliating before your spray tanning session. Unlike other exfoliators, when using Dermasuri  Deep Exfoliating Mitt, you can visibly see  dead skin cells lift off your body while revealing your beautiful healthy skin underneath. After using Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating mitt,

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